300 Al Elharam St. Federal Buildings Building (7) 2nd Floor

Apart - (103) Giza - Egypt


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010 - 151 - 571 - 41



010 - 151 - 571 - 41





Electrical installations


Acts of electrical installations, which include (but not limited to) the installation of boards of public distribution and sub-distribution panels and cable trays and cable





Systems specialist


The supply of the aforementioned systems (we have open channels with most of the manufacturers of these systems in all classifications).
Installation of the aforementioned systems in accordance with the recommendations of the assets of the industry and the manufacturers and the Egyptian code and the technical expertise of our staff of more than 14 years in this field.
Provide technical support for these devices service.
To do both maintenance routine and preventive maintenance and repair of malfunctions.
ATS for our qualification certificates from the manufacturers to carry out control and test in the pre-operating stage.






Supply and


Through our staff technical and administrative can provide these businesses under the terms and conditions of each process which can be done to provide the best-in-class business.
We have a staff well-trained as well as logistical support and after-sales services.
Taking extend to you sincere thanks for this opportunity to make this brief summary about ElNawras company's activities for Supply and Contracting "we will enclose this overview statement of the names of the most important major projects carried our team technical work which through their previous employment in reputed companies, which is evident through over the strength and experience of the team which contributed strongly to the success of these giant projects.
We hope to have this discourse has contributed more in Alraahalehihh the potential and capabilities of El Nawras for Supply and Contracting "and be the nucleus of the beginning of a fruitful and constructive cooperation to achieve more success for your company ancient Balstrak with our company leader in its field.